Hello, I am Damix

I am a rendering engineer from Italy. I live in Redlands, California, with my wife and son.

Since 2016 I have been working with my awesome colleagues at Esri on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. My focus area is the 2D WebGL rendering engine. At work I mainly code using TypeScript.

I have been studying computer graphics in my spare time since 2006. I started with Managed DirectX 9 for C# and then moved to C++. Then I fiddled for some time with the old OpenGL 1.1. Then I dropped the fixed-function pipeline and switched to shader-based approaches. I experimented at least a little bit with all the major APIs and their variants released since then: DirectX 10, DirectX 11, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL. Currently I am studying the Vulkan API. I built this website to share what I learn about graphics, GIS, programming and, maybe, life in general.

I like mathematics, especially calculus and geometry. Unsurprisingly, my favourite topics are those that have applications to computer graphics; one of the long term goals of this website is to provide an elementary, original proof of all the theoretical results that the average graphic programmer uses and trusts every day.

Welcome to Tangent Space, on damix.it! Pick a post, read it, and if you wish drop me a line on Disqus at the bottom of the page.

Content is my own and does not necessarily represent my employer’s position, strategies, or opinions.